Hockey Workout Program

Welcome to, where we will have full and in-depth hockey workouts for those hockey players who are looking to take their game on the ice to a higher level.

No matter what age you are, you can start training specifically for hockey to improve your skills.

Working out off the ice directly correlates with your on ice performance, and is becoming vital for anyone who wants to make it to a high or elite level in hockey.

Fitness levels of NHL players are almost insane these days, as they are top conditioned athletes. The days are gone when hockey players could get away with not focusing on training during the off season. Professional hockey players now spend 75% of their off season doing some kind of hockey workout program to stay conditioned and even improve their fitness levels before training camp.

Hockey Training Product

The importance of fitness in hockey players is highlighted with the NHL "combine", which tests potential NHL draftees on their fitness levels. The potential professional hockey draft picks are tested in a wide variety of different fitness tests, with the results given to scouts, coaches and management of the NHL teams.

Even if your goal is not the NHL, and you are just looking to improve your hockey game, you want to make sure you are doing some hockey related workouts both during the season and during the off season.

It is also very important that you follow a hockey specific workout program, rather than a workout program designed for bodybuilders or the "average joe" who just wants to look good.

Hockey workouts will focus on endurance, conditioning levels, speed, quickness, agility, power, reaction time, injury prevention, flexibility, and more. A complete hockey workout guide will incorporate exercises to improve in all of those mentioned areas.

Free Hockey Training Program

Below is a free hockey training program for you to use. This is only a one day program, and will not cover the needs of any serious player looking to further their game, but is here to guide you. I have put this free guide up to give you a look at what a hockey workout program would look like, so that you have a better understanding of how hockey players train.

For this example workout you would perform the lower body workout, followed by the core workout. Depending on which phase you are in during the off season (or in season) you would adjust the sets and reps for each exercise accordingly.

For starters I would perform 3 sets of 12 reps of the exercises listed below (unless otherwise noted).

Lower Body Workout
Barbell Back Squats superset Two-Footed Explosive Squat Jumps (6 jumps at hip height)
Dumbbell Reverse Lunge with Knee Drive
Dumbbell Single Leg Opposite Arm Deadlift
Barbell Bench Step Ups (bench should be a few inches under knee cap) superset Plate Strides
Single-Leg Leg Press (after completing third set, immediately take off 50% of weight and do as many as possible)

Core Workout
BB Roll Out
Alternating elbow to knee, hand to toe touches on bosu
Side Obliques
Planks (variations)

Paid Workout Program For Hockey Players

Hockey Workout SystemIf you are looking for a "virtual" hockey personal trainer I would recommend you check out our Elite Hockey Training System.

This workout program is designed specifically for hockey players, by hockey players. We include five full phases of hockey training for 3 months worth of training, that work together to provide a HUGE off season boost in your fitness levels that will directly help you perform better on the ice.

We have full workout videos of us performing each exercise listed in the program (and full explanations too).

We also have a bodyweight program for the younger hockey players. We always recommend checking with a physician before starting a weight or bodyweight training program, and it is even more important for younger kids to make sure they get proper recommendations.

In the Elite Hockey Training System you will also find a full meal guide for hockey players. This tells you how a hockey player shoulder eat, including on the day of a workout, practice or game. Also included is over 50 example meals and snacks for hockey players, and 10+ protein shake recipes designed with a hockey players nutritional goals in mind.